9 November 2008

The CastleType Newsletter: November 2008

My focus for the last few months has been on completing some of the font families in the CastleType library. After a great deal of work, I am happy to announce the completion of the following three families: Latin CT, Carlos, and Standard CT. Latin CT now has six widths, from Extra Condensed to Wide; Carlos has two new weights (Medium and Bold); and Standard CT now has three styles (normal, condensed, extended) of four weights each (Regular, Medium, Bold, Extra Bold), for a total of 12 fonts for this versatile family.


Introducing new widths for Latin CT

Latin CT Extra Condensed, based on the proportions of Latin Condensed Antique and the crisp letterforms of Latin CT Not Wide, is a very sleak, elegant typeface particularly suited to putting lots of text into narrow confines. Latin CT Extra Condensed is one of six widths in the recently expanded Latin CT family. This is the only Latin available in so many widths. Also, this family has the most extensive character set of any Latin on the market, with support for all European languages including those that use the Cyrillic alphabet. Expert kerning and powerful OpenType features help to make this family an excellent choice. $49 per font or $199 for all six widths.

Link to Latin CT Extra Condensed page

The Latin CT family: Width comparison

Latin CT Family

NEW: 2 new weights for Carlos

Carlos™ is an exceptionally graceful, condensed art deco sans serif design. Originally released by CastleType as 'Carlos Condensed Light', Carlos now includes Medium and Bold weights. Carlos supports all European languages that use the Latin alphabet as well as those that use the Cyrillic alphabet. Carlos was inspired by a Spanish typeface designed by Carlos Winkow called 'Elektra' (c. 1940) which is marketed elsewhere as 'Casablanca'. Other foundries have other widths available, but the condensed is by far the most elegant. Carlos is $49 per font or $99 for all 3 weights.

Link to Carlos Bold page

Standard CT family now complete: 3 styles of 4 weights each

CastleType was commissioned in 1991 by San Francisco Focus magazine to digitize three members of the Standard family. A cousin to the ubiquitous Helvetica, Standard is an alternative that is considerably warmer and a bit more idiosyncratic. After releasing three weights of Standard CT in 1991, CastleType has now expanded the family to make it a complete typographic solution. Standard CT includes three widths (normal, condensed, extended) of four weights each (Regular, Medium, Bold, and Extra Bold) for a total of 12 fonts. The Standard CT family includes support for all European languages including languages that use the Cyrillic alphabet, modern Greek (uppercase only), as well as OpenType features and a collection of geometrics, dingbats and fleurons. $49 per font or $299 for 12 fonts for a savings of $289!

Standard CT Condensed subfamily: Standard Condensed Family

Standard CT (normal width) subfamily: Standard Family

Standard CT Extended subfamily: Standard Extended Family

Standard CT has some interesting idiosyncracies. For example, faithful to the original design, Standard CT Condensed Medium is significantly more condensed than the other weights in that subfamily. (See example above.) Also, as shown below, the family has four distinct styles of uppercase "Q" distributed (not necessarily in any consistent way) throughout the styles:

Standard Extended Family

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